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Atlas Transition

As of June 10, 2023, The ability to issue Ecards has been restored to Instructors Only, Please use your instructor Inventory to assign Cards. Please give us some time to issue out past cards, you can call us if you didn’t get the “Claim your Card” email. Please reach out to our customer support staff.

AHA is aware of the following high volume known issues, and are diligently working on resolutions that we will share with the Training Network as soon as possible: 
1) The Training Center Search feature is not working properly due to an issue with latitude and longitude;
2) Some AHA Instructors are unable to see their alignment in Atlas due to an incorrect login or an inactive/expired eCard (more information will be provided by email on steps to resolve this); and
3) Some June Instructor eCards were expired at the beginning of the month instead of the end of the month due an error in migration (we are working on a resolution to correct this).

As of June 7, 2023. Due to technical issues the AHA card system is still down following the transition to Atlas. The new system is full of bugs and missing information, in some cases some instructors are totally missing. We ask for patience it will take some time to fix the current issues and get all Training Centers online and working. In the meantime all students who complete our courses will be issued a certified stamp letter to serve as proof of completion. Your Employer must accept our letter, they have no choice the system is down, and this is the only alternative to ensure you are in compliance while at work. The world must still function despite the downtime fo the e-card system. We expect the system to be down until 6/30. As a rough estimate. Even when the new system does go online it doesn’t mean it will be functional.

The American Heart Association has just announced they are releasing Atlas, a new platform that will centralize all your training needs in one convenient location! The American Heart Association and World Point are dedicated to helping you throughout this transition – be sure to keep an eye out for key communications from us over the next 2 months! If you have any questions, please direct them to the American Heart Association. We are excited to see how Atlas enhances your training and helps your communities save more lives.

You can also access information and tools through the Atlas Information & Resources page.

During the Downtime we will be unable to issue any Ecards, we understand that this maybe an inconvience to you, so we have provided select students with proof of attendance letters. after 6/5 the remaining Ecards will be issued and mailed out to students who requested it be mailed, conversely all cards will be emailed to students. Should you have any questions about your courses at EMS Training LLC please email us at

From: American Heart Association
To: Instructor Network
June 3, 2023

We are in the home stretch! This weekend, technology work is underway to transition the US Training Network and migrate your data from the AHA Instructor Network to the Atlas training and education platform. As we go into the weekend, we wanted to provide you with some important reminders and also, prepare you for what to expect on Monday morning when the new platform is live for the US Training Network.

The AHA Instructor Network is currently in “read-only mode” until Atlas goes live on June 5, which means you may view information and materials, but no changes or additions can be made.
AHA eCards are currently unavailable to issue/assign until approximately 9:00 a.m., Central Time, on Monday, June 5, 2023, due to data migration for AHA’s Atlas platform. Students may still claim eCards during this time.
Please do not log into Atlas or create a new user account in Atlas prior to June 5.
For a detailed timeline of activities occurring over the weekend for the transition, please see the US Transition to Atlas Timeline posted on the Atlas Information & Resources webpage (
What Happens on Monday, June 5 th?

On June 5, the AHA will send an email to all US TCCs and Instructors who were registered and confirmed AHA Instructor Network users to announce that Atlas is live and invite you to log into the system using your former AHA Instructor Network credentials (username, password). Specific instructions and screenshots of how to log in and what steps to take immediately after login will be included in this email.

If you do not receive an email by 10:00 a.m., Central Time, on Monday, please check the Atlas Information & Resources page, where we will post an official notification including the information above.

Latest Information & Resources:

Please continue to reference the Atlas Information & Resources webpage ( for the latest communications, resources, videos, and job aids to keep you informed and guide you through this transition process.

We are in the process of adding several new demo videos and job aids prior to and following June 5. We will also be scheduling additional opportunities for AHA Training Centers and Instructors to attend Atlas webinars very soon after the launch on June 5.

Thank you,
American Heart Association